User Collaboration Grants Program Special Procedures

UCGP funds are awarded as two-year grants, submitted in response to a regular, annual solicitation, as detailed in the other sections of guidance under

In certain circumstances, special procedures govern the allocation of UCGP funds. These procedures are as follows.

  1. Extensions at no cost or, in rare cases, funding supplements, may be made to existing UCGP awards. These supplements may be awarded only to enable achievement of the proposed objectives of the funded grant. Application is made to the UCGP Director, who makes a recommendation to the MagLab Director, who decides whether a supplement or extension will be awarded.

  2. At the advance recommendation of the MagLab Director, UCGP pre-proposals or proposals may be submitted at any time, without respect to the deadlines posted under These special case proposals are only allowed in accordance with UCGP goals and are typically to provide "initial seed support for new faculty and research staff, targeted to magnet laboratory enhancements" in a more timely manner. Special case proposals (and pre-proposals) are submitted through standard procedures, must conform to all posted UCGP guidelines, and are reviewed then numerically rated by the appropriate subcommittee of the Research Program Committee. In its review and numerical rating, the Research Program Committee follows the same criteria as were applied to the most recently completed round of regularly solicited proposals. With the scores of the most recently completed regular solicitation for comparison, the MagLab Director decides whether an award is to be granted to the special case proposal.

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